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ÖÖD team is growing

December 6, 2022

No more meetings in the hallway, no more working from the kitchen couch – we moved! As we have grown in our team size we ran out of space in the previous office. Therefore, we are happy to announce that ÖÖD is now in a new office space that has room for all our new team members (including the furry Chief Happiness Managers), and it fits well with our growth plans. The office address stays the same though, conveniently we found the new space from the same building.

Have a look at who joined the ÖÖD team recently:

Kelly Veske (Head of USA) – As demand in the United States has been growing rapidly in recent years then it was time to take the bull by the horns. Kelly has a strong background in managing the US market before, so she’s exactly who we were looking for for some time now.

Gertrud Ots (Marketing Manager) – Gertrud has been working together with ÖÖD for some time now as a service provider. As ÖÖD is expanding to new markets this position has grown out to be a full-time job and we are fortunate to have Gertrud on board now to commit 100% to ÖÖD.

Martti Kask (Sales Manager) – As ÖÖD is expanding and having quite ambitious targets for coming years then we need some further sales power, who can grow our pipeline and reach out to potential customers. Martti has a lot of sales experience internationally and in the US, so he is a perfect fit for our team.

Liisa Rivera (Operations Specialist) – Having already 28 hotel houses listed on our webpage and targeting to reach 100 listed hotel houses by the end of 2023, we need someone who can take care of our partners and support our clients. Liisa’s experience in the hospitality business will benefit ÖÖD Hötel’s business greatly.

Urmas Ostra, Andro Järve, and Tarmo Toom (Construction workers) – Due to an increase in sales volumes we also need to increase our production capacity. We have hired three amazing all-around construction workers Urmas, Andro, and Tarmo who are responsible for the building process from scratch until the houses are ready to be shipped out to our customers.