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May 10, 2022
Signature – Tiny House with Glass Mirror Walls by ÖÖD

6 Exciting Updates

Looking back six years to that very first idea, we never could have imagined that…

  • There are now more than 200+ ÖÖD houses in over 20 countries
  • Our houses continue to be the most profitable on the market, with an average occupancy of 75% and nightly rates of more than €250.
  • Our signature ÖÖD hotel units are outperforming 5-star resorts in their regions by double the occupancy and 50% higher rates.
  • Our North America factory is open and we have sold the first 49 units!
  • Our turn-key units have been permitted in North Carolina and Texas is next.
  • If you’re in North America, you can reserve your unit with a $5,000 booking fee, but let us know soon, there are only about 50 more units available.

Read on to learn more about our upcoming plans!

Signature – Tiny House with Glass Mirror Walls by ÖÖD
ÖÖD Mirror House in the Netherlands

A big big thank you!

This is just the beginning! Thanks to you and all of our new investors, our Funderbeam Campaign was a huge success – we surpassed our goal by 880%! Stock is now available for trade on the aftermarket and we submitted our Q1 reports a few weeks ago.

We now have additional capital to accelerate the growth of our Mirror House portfolio worldwide. The team is making excellent progress in developing new ÖÖD flagship and partnership sites in Scandinavia, the UK, Iceland, and the US. We will also use the capital to kick-start our market entry in the US and invest into new ÖÖD products and team members. We are ready to expand to the next level.

Our mission is to connect ÖÖD travelers to the most expansive views and the most immersive nature all over the world. When you stay at an ÖÖD Hotel, you can be confident that you will experience a seamless blend of comfort and nature!

Signature – Tiny House with Glass Mirror Walls by ÖÖD
ÖÖD Mirror House in Ghana

New Developments:
Bööking Platform & Hospitality

Our booking platform has received a revamp and is now ready to serve ÖÖD travelers around the world. Keep an eye out for new sites that will be added soon in Ghana, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Mexico, as well as in California, North Carolina, Colorado, and Texas in the USA!

The on-going investment into our booking platform will be increasingly important for us and for our partners. The platform is a way for us to establish our brand and generate income while saving money for our partners. With booking fees that are well below average, driving occupancy through our ÖÖD Hotels platform is a win-win for all parties.

New Partner Highlight:
ÖÖD Uh May, Mexico

ÖÖD Hötels Uh May is nestled between the coastal town of Tulum and the historical Mayan ruins of Coba. Surrounded by the beautiful Yucatan jungle, you will feel your soul at peace, basking in the bliss of the simple things in life. Check out their recent feature HERE on an episode of House Hunters International to see for yourself! You’ll find us at about the 3:30 sec mark.

Join the ÖÖD journey!

To help us grow the hospitality arm of ÖÖD, we are thrilled to announce that Daniel Fanselow will be heading up our development efforts. In no time at all, Daniel became known as the nicest guy in the office. He is the first to open doors, offer to carry heavy items and ask each person about their weekend. He jokes that this is just a part of the territory of his more than 20 years of experience from the hospitality industry. Daniel has launched and grown hotel brands in over 10 countries across Europe, The Middle East, and SouthEast Asia, and we could not be more excited to have him on the team.

He is already well underway helping us increase and improve our offers to ÖÖD travelers and is a key player in finding and engaging new partner locations. If you have any questions about strategic partnerships or opening new ÖÖD locations in Europe, Africa, or Asia you can reach Daniel directly at

Other GÖÖD News:
Welcome Ethos to the ÖÖD Family!

We are thrilled to welcome Ethos to the ÖÖD family. As our new North American manufacturing partner, Ethos will help us provide our ÖÖD products to clients and partners all across North and South America. With our first 4 North American ÖÖD locations opening up in Mexico, Colorado, North Carolina, and California, we know we are at the beginning of an exciting journey!

Together, with the help of Ethos and their partners, our turn key signature unit is now permitted in North Carolina and soon will be in Texas. If you would like a turn key house available in your state, let us know! We will prioritize state-by-state permitting according to local demand.

We have sold 49 units so far in the USA and have production capacity to sell another 100 units over the next year. With 50 of those already spoken for, we will be selling on a first come first serve basis. To make sure you get one before they are gone, you can reserve a unit with a $5,000 booking fee.

Signature – Tiny House with Glass Mirror Walls by ÖÖD
ÖÖD Mirror Houses in Finland

Click HERE to see a full list of our products and pricing, available now in North & South America.

To help us with our expansion across North America, we are thrilled to have brought on Jacqueline Baumer. Born and raised in Utah, we actually found Jacque in Estonia where she lives with her husband and children and was looking to purchase a couple of Mirror Houses for her property out here. Jacque brings more than a decade of experience putting together partnerships, launching startups, producing events and executing campaigns on a global stage that have garnered billions of media impressions and raised tens of millions for important causes. If you want to purchase some units, have any questions about strategic partnerships or opening new ÖÖD locations in North America, you can reach Jacque directly at

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